"I had never tried hypnotherapy before experiencing it with Liberty MK Hypnosis. I'd heard here and there about hypnotherapy and the great potential for personal improvement. Admittidely I was a bit skeptical thinking it could be hocus-pocus. I have significant dental anxiety coupled with a desire for nonpharmacological pain management techniques. Hypnotherapy seemed to be the best fit for achieving these specific personal needs/goals. I reached out to Liberty MK Hypnosis to experiment with the possibility. Liberty offers lovely refreshing chairside manner. She puts me at ease and and is a caring listener. She intuitively creates an environment where one can relax and enjoy the experience. Liberty created real tools for my situation. The trauma I was experiencing quickly took a backseat. I could and can reach for these tools at anytime. The imagry, thoughts and feelings are as readily accesible as my own will. The hypnotherapy journey with Liberty MK Hypnosis enabled me to be happier and more in control of my own destiny."

-Scott K. Boise, ID

"When I first heard about Hypnotherapy; I'll have to admit I was quite skeptical. After trying it out just once, I became a believer. You can really feel the love and care with Liberty; she's a true professional. My compulsory behaviors that have been around since I was 10, actually began to subside and eventually stopped altogether. I am 35 now, and it's truly amazing that something I did for 25 years can just go away so easily. Throughout the years, I had tried many different ways to stop; but nothing ever worked until Hypnotherapy. "

-Amilan, A. Riverside, CA

"Hypnobabies is the BEST! I had all 3 of my home births with Hypnobabies. So glad Liberty finally brought this program to Idaho. I couldn't have had my babies without her there!"

-Lynzey U. Meridian, ID